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In order to carry out a measurement successfully, it is important that you observe the following points.

Use a DIN A4 sheet as a base

In order to measure your foot correctly, our algorithm needs a reference. This can be either a DIN A4 sheet or US Letter paper, because they always have the same dimensions: DIN A4 is 210 x 297mm and US Letter paper is 216 x 279 mm.

Before measuring, find a perfect DIN A4 sheet that is smooth and undamaged. Damaged or bent sheets always bear the risk that a measurement may become inaccurate. You use this sheet during the measurement to place your or your child’s foot on it and measure it.

Stand on solid ground

A firm surface is always recommended. The softer the floor, the greater the risk that the A4 sheet will curl or wrinkle. As a result, our algorithm will have a lot of trouble creating a reliable reference. The flokati carpet or the yoga mat are not good surfaces, rather look for solid surfaces such as wooden floors or tiles.

Make sure you have adequate lighting

Lighting is very important, but you should not point your bedside lamp or desk lamp directly at your foot and let it shine. This is because too much shadowing is often a source of error when it comes to easy measurement and reliable results. Ideally, find a bright room, which can be a bright room in summer or a room with sufficient indirect lighting in winter.

Lift up your trouser legs and take off your socks

To make the measurement as accurate as possible, you should always take off your socks and roll up your trouser legs to the knee before taking a measurement.

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